Office of The Secretariat


Introduction & History

At the earliest stage of the university, the comprehensive affairs of the school were handled by the Office of the President (referred to as the Dean’s Office when the school was still a college). This includes drafting comprehensive documents, compiling university-wide plans, organizing university affairs meetings and administrative meetings, coordinating joint business activities between offices, and handling tasks assigned by the university president. Following Article 8 of the Organizational Regulations during the college era, only one secretary was appointed for these tasks. On December 1, 1969, the Office of Secretariat was formally established to meet the needs of the university development.

 In 1980, since the upgradation of Tamkang into a university, the Secretariat’s responsibilities were expanded. The title of Chief Secretary was also renamed to the Secretary-General. During this period, the Secretariat actively promoted the planning of the organizational system. It divided the Secretariat into the Documents Section, the Confidential Section, the Deliberative Section, the Graduate Employment Counseling Section, and the Regulatory Review Committee. In 1987, the office location was moved from the city campus (now called Taipei Campus) to the main campus (now called Tamsui Campus). From February 1 to March 31 of the same year, the Documents Section changed affiliation to the Office of General Affairs and was reinstated to the Office of the Secretariat on April 1. The Alumni Liaison Section was added in affiliation with the Office of Secretariat in 1994.

 In the 1995 academic year, aligning with the implementation of the new University Act, Tamkang’s Organizational Regulations were revised, and the Office of the Secretariat was renamed the Secretary Office with no separation of sections. The Documents Section changed affiliation to the Office of General Affairs, the Alumni Liaison Section and the Graduate Employment Counseling Section were transferred to the University Development Office, and the title of Secretary-General was renamed the Chief Secretary.

 In the 2011 academic year, following the university's organizational adjustment, the name of the Secretary Office was changed back to the Office of the Secretariat, the Documents Section changed affiliation back to the Office of the Secretariat, and the Chief Secretary was reverted to the Secretary-General. The Secretariat is an administrative first-level unit directly under the president.

          In the 2019 academic year, coordinated with the organizational consolidation, revisions were made to the University’s Organizational Regulations, and Tamkang Times was reorganized into the Office of the Secretariat. Currently, 28 full-time personnel reside within the Office of the Secretariat, serving the Board of Trustees, Offices of the President, Vice-Presidents, the Office of the Secretariat, etc.

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