Office of The Secretariat


Affairs of the Office of Secretariat

The Office of the Secretariat assists the president in handling administrative affairs and is responsible for matters such as discussion, management and examination, coordination, and public relations. The Documents Section and the Tamkang Times are both affiliated with the Office of the Secretariat. The duties are as follows:

        1. Office of the Secretariat:

  • Process matters related to the university’s comprehensive business.
  • Comprehensively review and coordinate the manuscripts from each unit.
  • Handles the Ministry of Education’s inspections and reception matters.
  • Arrange and record university affairs and administrative meetings.
  • Edit and print meeting records, publications, journals, and the university's Chinese/English introductory catalogs.
  • Amend and announce the Chinese/English names and codes of each unit. 
  • Undertake public relations matters of the university.
  • Organize/handle the President’s schedule matters.
  • Compose the President's letters, tracking, and filing matters in Chinese/English.
  • Arrangements of the President's reception of all guests and banquet.
  • News clippings and archive matters.
  • Ordering and packaging matters of gifts (prizes) from the university.
  • Print and issue invitations for various celebrations/activities/events of the university.
  • Other related matters.

       2.  Documents Section

  • Process documents that require the university's seal and safekeeping matters.
  • Issue, engrave, and cancellation of the documentation stamps.
  • Handle matters of sending and receiving documents.
  • Sending and receiving documents and expediting reminders for relevant documentation matters.
  • Filing and proper removal of important documents sent and received.
  • Provide important document retrieval services.
  • Other document related matters.

       3. Tamkang Times

  • In charge of the "Tamkang Times" compilation, printing, distribution, and the issuance of unified invoices complying with the law.
  • Supervise news, topics, and special issues of teaching, administrative units, student associations, and alumni organizations.
  • Editing and publishing of Chinese/English newsletters.
  • Management of the University’s Homepage on News & Events.
  • Maintenance and management of the Tamkang Times website.
  • Maintain the Tamkang Times image database (available to the public).
  • Recruitment of student reporters, professional training, and hosting summer and winter seminars.
  • Hosting student reporter summer camp self-improvement and networking activities.
  • Distribute issues to subscribers, national libraries, national high schools, and production of one-volume editions annually.
  • Marketing of Tamkang Times digital contents.
  • Other tasks assigned.
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