Office of The Secretariat


Office Affairs

General Affairs

  • Present university report 
  • Preparation and documentation of university affairs meeting,
    university executive meeting, regulation & rule committee 
    meeting, and secretary meeting, etc.
  • Modification and notification of university's different level 
    office's responsibilities.
  • Notification of off-campus information and regulation
  • Editorial affairs of university report, university bulletin, and 
    university introductory document.
  • Notification of university different office's name and code 
  • Other university-related affairs.

Confidential Secretarial Affairs

  • Arrangement for President's visitors.
  • Arrangement for President's schedule.
  • Preparation and arrangement of President's letter, invitation, 
    gift, etc. 

Public Relation Affairs

  • Arrangement of visitor's on-campus schedule.
  • Supply newsletter to Taipei and Tamsui mass media.
  • Regular visit of Taipei and Tamsui mass media reporters.
  • Other local public relation meeting or affairs.


 Documents Section

  • Managing, Processing and Filing Official Documents and  Files .
  • Typing and proofreading of official documents.
  • Sealing and Safekeeping Official Seals. 
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