Approval Ratings


Approval Ratings

Approval Ratings

1. In its evaluation of medium-range academic development plans designed by comprehensive Taiwanese private universities, the Ministry of Education (MOE) rated Tamkang University as “excellent”. Tamkang ranked first in the 1998-1999 academic year evaluation; and subsequently, in the 1999-2000 academic year, the MOE rated Tamkang University as “excellent” in all six categories under review: planning and implementation, instruction and student counseling, research, promotion of education, administrative management, and accounting administration. In the 2000-2002 academic years, Tamkang again earned an “excellent” rating in five separate categories.

2. In 2005, on behalf of the MOE, the Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association conducted the first nationwide assessment of college performance, in which Tamkang was ranked first for the academic year 2003-2004. Groups of academic subjects under review included humanities, arts and sports, social sciences (including educational studies), natural sciences, and engineering. The six criteria used for assessment at the institutional level were teaching resources, degree of internationalization or globalization, promotion of education, student guidance and services, liberal or general education, and administrative support. Among all 76 universities and colleges being evaluated, Tamkang was assessed as “better” in all areas. This is a distinction achieved by no other university in Taiwan.

3. In Taiwan’s first ever evaluation of English-friendly college campuses in 2003, the Ministry of Education ranked Tamkang as the number one university in Taiwan.

4. In 2018, the "Top 2,000 Enterprises’ Favorite College Graduates" survey conducted by Cheers Business Magazine, Tamkang University has placed first among all private universities in Taiwan for 21 consecutive years. In the same year, the "Best University Ranking of Taiwan" survey conducted by Global Views Monthly, has placed first on the Degree of Internationalization among all private universities.

5. The Tamkang University robot research team of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has been crowned world champion on many occasions in the FIRA RoboWorld Cup. The team respectively took first place in the RoboSot category in 2003 and 2006~2017; and first place in the HuroCup category in 2007~2009, 2011~2016 and 2018 of the FIRA RoboWorld Cup.

6. In the 2006 International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Poster Contest, the poster designed by Tamkang’s Department of Information and Library Science won the Best Poster Award, making it the first academic department in Taiwan to win such an award.

7. In 2001, “E-business Weekly” ranked Tamkang University number one in the “Digital Infrastructure Environment Evaluation of Taiwan’s Universities,” calling Tamkang a “Digital Heaven.”

8.In the 1999 Evaluation of Institutions that Cultivate Teachers, Tamkang University’s Elementary Teacher Education Program received an “Outstanding” rating from the Ministry of Education. Earning almost full marks, TKU is the only institution to obtain such a distinction. In the 2005 Evaluation of Institutions that Cultivate Teachers, Tamkang University’s Elementary Teacher Education Program and Middle School Teacher Education Program both earned the highest rating offered by the MOE. Again, Tamkang is the only institution to have received such an honor.

In 2016, the Center for Teacher Education again passed the evaluation of teacher education programs in every aspect.


9.In 1999, the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) selected Tamkang University as one of just two universities in the world to receive a WFSF Award for Futures Institutions in recognition of Tamkang University’s tireless efforts to promote Futures Studies in Taiwan over the past three decades.

In 2016, Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies (HRCFS), the most historical and traditional future study institute, granted Outstanding Achievement Award for Promoting Future Studies to Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, who was the president of TKU at the time.


10. On October 5, 2007, the Lanyang Campus received a “Green Building” award from the Ministry of the Interior in recognition of the campus’ environmentally friendly design and construction. The campus was also awarded a “Green Building” prize by the Executive Yuan, which was presented to Tamkang University during a ceremony on December 22, 2007.

11. Tamkang University was the first university in the world to be conferred International Safe School status by WHO on November 18, 2008. In 2012, TKU was once again issued International Safe School Status after passing the WHO Safe School Re-evaluation.

12. On January 6, 2009, Tamkang University was the first academic institution in the world to be certified as complying with the standards of the IT Service Management System-ISO/IEC 20000-1: 2005.

13. Tamkang University won the 19th National Quality Award on May 5, 2009.

14. In 2009, Tamkang University received an award for Excellence in Physical Education from the MOE. In 2013 and 2016, Tamkang University received the award again. To date, it is the only university in Taiwan to have received this honor three times.

15. Tamkang was ranked 272nd among universities worldwide, 33rd in Asia, 9th in Taiwan, and 1st among private universities in Taiwan by Webometrics, 2011.

16. Tamkang University provides assistance for students to take part in the Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. As a result, TKU students have been crowned world champions in the competition in 2009 (Excel 2007), 2011 and 2012 (PowerPoint 2007), and who got the world 2nd prize in the competition in 2013 (Word 2007), and won the world 3rd prize in the competition in 2010 (Excel 2003), 2018 (Excel 2013).

17. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Tamkang University received the R.O.C. Enterprises Environmental Award and received the prestigious EPA Environmental Award.

18. In the 2011 MOE Evaluation of Institutes of Higher Education in Taiwan, Tamkang University received the highest recognition of “satisfactory” in all categories reviewed. These categories include “university market placement,” “university governance and operation,” “teaching and learning resources,” “performance and social responsibility,” and “mechanisms for continued improvement and quality assurance.”

19. In September 2013, Tamkang University received the 2013 Friendly Campus Award from the MOE, the only university in Taiwan to win the prize.

20.Tamkang University won the special award for Moral Education from the MOE in 2013 and 2014.

21. The Department of Statistics at Tamkang University has the honor of being listed in the top 200 among England’s 2014 QS World University Rankings.

22. Tamkang University won an excellent rating from the MOE for guidance in quality of internationalization among institutions of higher education. 

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